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from our community

“As I grow older, I want to stay in my home where I have lived for 35 years. I value the sense of continuity that comes from living where people have known me a long time.”

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BENEFITS of membership

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Volunteers

Village volunteers help with small things to make a big difference. For older adults, younger volunteers might change that hard-to-reach light bulb, take out the recycling, or assist with technology. Volunteers provide NeighborRide — door-to-door local transportation — to a medical appointment, a bridge game or the airport. For younger families, mature trusted neighbors might baby-sit, run “errands in a pinch” or take in the mail when you are out of town.

Proven Providers at a Discount

Referral to trusted vendors for discounted services means you can find trustworthy service providers at a reasonable cost. The Village follows up after every service to see if the vendor met your expectations.

One Call

With one call or one email, you can reach the Village to help you find services you need, whether from a Village volunteer, a discounted Village service provider or a community resource.

Good Value

Village services provide significant tangible value. It is possible to recoup your entire membership fee through your savings.

Fun, Livability & Lifestyle

Villagers of all ages have fun, working and playing together. Village At Home’s supportive neighborhood network improves the quality of life available in your neighborhood. Village services ease everyday burdens. With the Village, you have the freedom to live your life as you desire — with enjoyment and meaning.

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